A journey through time.

Explore the chapters that have forged the essence of one of the most iconic places on the capital's Golden Mile.

The beginning: ABC Serrano is born

In the bustling Madrid of 1899, at the intersection of Serrano and Castellana, José López Sallaberry erected the ABC Serrano Building. This not only houses the offices of ABC, founded by Torcuato Luca de Tena in 1903, but also the cradle of the iconic Black and White Magazine, inaugurated in 1891.

Witness to the history of Madrid

Located at the strategic crossroads of Serrano and Castellana, ABC Serrano has been more than a building; it has been a privileged witness to the history of Madrid. In November 1907, the majestic walls saw Kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia pass by, leaving a real mark on the history of the place.

However, in the convulsive republican period of 1931, in the midst of effervescence and changes, the building was temporarily seized, resonating with the echoes of a Spain in transformation.

Renewal and Challenges

In the intermediate phase, between 1931 and 1967, the ABC Serrano workshops not only resonated with the jingle of the machines, but also harbored the challenges of a constantly evolving press. The printing press became the engine of an information machine that narrated the events of a changing world.

However, in April 1967, a fire consumed part of their workshops, challenges that, far from drowning out their history, marked the beginning of a new phase, that of renewal and adaptation.

Transformation into a Shopping Center

In 1995, the architect Mariano Bayón led the building's metamorphosis. Preserving its historic essence, ABC Serrano becomes a shopping center that resonates with the richness of its past, maintaining facades, staircases and the essence of the Torcuato era.

The architect Mariano Bayón led a respectful reform, preserving iconic elements such as the façade and the original staircase. This is how ABC Serrano was born, a shopping center that merges the modernity of its shopping area with the echoes of its splendid history, attracting visitors not only because of its stores, but because of the richness of its past.

A New Era with Grupo Life Gourmet

In 2020, Grupo Life Gourmet, known for its gastronomic excellence and creativity, acquired ABC Serrano. This milestone marked a rebirth for the center, bringing with it an avant-garde vision and a deep respect for its rich history. The masterful hand of the internationally recognized designer Pepe Leal transformed every corner, highlighting the fusion of the modern and cosmopolitan with the traditional essence of the building.

ABC Serrano, under this new management, became the epicenter of chic and memorable events, where every detail counts and every moment comes to life in a perfect synthesis of elegance and contemporaneity.

The Art of Celebrating

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